Why Choose us

Hire Desk Advantage

Our greatest business differentiator and advantage is a significantly high Passion Quotient reflected in:

  • Leading research capability which leverages cutting edge technology to identify potential candidates in the shortest possible time-frame across any geography globally.
  • Continuous process innovation to reduce TAT and add value at various stages of engagement
  • Personalized attention as a boutique firm we work on fewer projects at a given time allowing us to devote more time to each search and customize our service delivery to the client need.
  • Realistic, well-specified time frames and budgeted costs after complete understanding of the search and its complesity.
  • Maintaining diversity with every search, we make it a point to maintain gender and demographic diversity
  • Local market understanding we provide local talent in local markets as well as in-depth access to a globally mobile talent pool

Our Value

As an organization, we display an unshakeable commitment to the following values:

  • Passion: We bring passion and positive energy to every relationship, challenge and opportunity.
  • Empathy: We empathise with, respect and care for all relationships and lives we touch.
  • Integrity: We commit absolute transparency and integrity to our every action and thought. We drive a ‘zero tolerance’ culture towards lack of integrity.
  • Courage: We dare to challenge the status quo, situations and problems. We boldly rise to every challenge with courage, tenacity and determination. We learn every day and from everyone.

We make it a point to live the our values through everything we do or say. Standing behind every engagement that we undertake, we manage client and firm resources by working in a cost effective manner.

A time bound replacement guarantee that accompanies every search is a testimony of our commitment to the task. We view ourselves as an extension of our clients’ management team and always serve as credible ambassadors of their organization.